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About Our Juice Fast Programme

Our retreats are based on Juice fasting. Juice fasting is an excellent way to give your organs nutrients for essential maintenance and repair. Juicing releases essential enzymes, vitamins and minerals from fruit and vegetables for immediate use and absorption. This requires minimum digestion but provides maximum nutrition. 

Fruit juices contain a lot of sugar (fructose) so, to keep blood sugar levels more stable, we juice a combination of organic fruit and vegetables plus spirulina tablets to purify the blood and increase the alkaline levels in the body. We also add lemon and ginger for flavour and their healing properties.

We can adjust the juices depending on individual requirements. 

We only use a masticating, cold press juicer so that the juice is as good a quality as possible and we only use fresh organic produce as in season and locally sourced as we can manage.

We provide a range of cleansing supplements with each juice. These are:

Psyllium - This is a fibre product which is completely inert but does an amazing job, it not only fills you up so you don't feel hungry, but it also clears out the intestine on its way through the body. I take great pleasure in informing you that we provide the psyllium in capsule form so you don't even know you're taking it! 

Bentonite* - This amazing clay has been used for its cleansing properties for
centuries. It is negatively charged and attracts to itself the positively charged toxins and heavy metals as they are released into the bowel. Together they form clusters that are too big to be re-absorbed and are therefore literally washed with the colonics. It is tasteless and very easy to take with your juice.   *complies to BP and EP Monograph

Digestive Enzymes - Taken with each juice these enzymes loosen and 'digest' any conjested matter on the intestinal wall. They are an important part of the bowel cleansing programme. These also come in capsule form.

Intestinal Formula - These wonderful capsules actually tone and condition the bowel and stimulate the peristalsis in the intestine to increase overall bowel health, transit and cleansing. 

Spirulina - This miraculous supplement is packed full good things. It is high in protein and provides most of our essential amino acids as well as lots of beneficial B vitamins, a range of other vitamins and many essential minerals. It also reduces inflammation in the body and can act as an appetite suppressant. This super green food also increases the alkalinity of the body which helps protect against disease. 

We can, if needed, provide specific supplements for individual conditions including candida and hormonal imbalance. Fiona is a fully qualified herbalist and is always on hand with advice and support. There will also be a constant supply of delicious detox tea on tap that Fiona makes up specially for the detox weeks as well as a range of healing Pukka teas in each of your cottages.

At the end of the week we give you a three week supply of very high qualitypro-biotics to re-populate your bowel which provides all the beneficial bacteria you need to protect you and support you after you leave us.
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