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In addition to the three one to one therapy sessions that we automatically include as part of your detox week, we can also offer you an amazing choice of physical therapies to enjoy during your stay with us. These are all designed to enhance your detox, aid healing and to help you truly relax.

All Massages and Treatments are £60 per hour and £30 for half an hour.

Our Retreat Therapies Manager

Andrew Mukhopadhyay

Andrew Mukhopadhyay
Andrew is a sensitive and experienced practitioner who has trained all over the World in a wide range of healing arts including Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Thai and Ayurvedic Massage. These treatments are specifically designed to release toxins, relieve stress and tension, and aid full and deep relaxation. More information about his treatments are available when you book your place. He is available all week to provide as many treatments as you'd like in our designated Pamper Cabin. 

Andrew will be on hand at the beginning of your week to talk you through the different treatments so that you can decide which ones would most benefit your individual needs.

We also have other additional massage therapists who are incredibly skilled and available to support you during your stay.
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To book your place, call us now on 01373 467668 or email us.

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