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What some of our wonderful clients had to say about their week with us ......



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 ...... and this is what more of our wonderful clients had to say  .......

"This retreat was AMAZING! It feels like I've been given back the keys to my life - and my body."

"They are the Detox Dream Team!"

"Anna's raw cakes are to die for."

"The team were professional, friendly and very, very helpful - I always felt looked after and loved. You couldn't do enough for me and have created an atmosphere of harmony and positivity and shown me how to take it home with me"

"The Journey was the best thing I've ever done - thanks to you all - I think you have literally saved me from a downhill slide into misery, early old age and a life of sitting in a chair doing nothing."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"The team as a whole are excellent. Couldn't have been better."

"The meditation was very worthwhile and I want to make it part of my day from now on."

"The yoga was excellent - really high standard."

"Every part of the retreat has given me a separate benefit. I couldn't pick one aspect that was more beneficial than another - and I lost 7lbs without even thinking about it!"

"The Nutritional Talks were extremely informative and made really interesting. I was intent on Fiona's every word."

"Annie's insight into my personality, character and what makes me tick (or stop ticking!) was eerily close for someone who had never met me before. The session has given me clarity after a year of struggling with personal and work issues."

"The session with Anna lifted me to a place of feeling secure and loved, somewhere I'd not been before in my adult life. I believe it has changed all my relationships for the better."

"The venue is lovely, safe and relaxing - Meadow Barn is FAB!"

"Fran's workshops helped me understand and get control of my addictions - very inspiring"

"I feel happier, healthier and more aware of my body - in turn I appreciate life more."

"Anna is one amazing person - she has enabled me to deal with my demons and move on with my life. I never in a million years expected the outcome I actually got. She has lifted a dead weight off my heart - thank you so much Anna x."

"The information given to help us move forward when we get home has been invaluable."

"The coaching session with Annie was AMAZING and I plan to see her out in the real world - the session helped me immensely - thank you Annie."

"I loved the creative writing, apparently there was a writer in me just waiting for her moment!"

"Specialists at work!"

"The physical therapies were excellent - Andrew is GREAT!"

"The silence at night is blissful, very well laid out and great value for money!"

"The whole experience and benefits are priceless!"

"The team were welcoming, friendly, very encouraging and understanding - love to them all. The most valuable aspect for me was being among people who care and enable you to break free of old emotions and habits - thank you from the bottom of my heart"

"Thank you for saving my life!"

"I felt safe with Anna and after the session with her I knew that something had shifted. I'll never be the same again and that's exactly what I wanted!"

"The Journey with Barbara was the most poignant moment of the whole week. It was very emotional and draining but it has changed my life for forever - thank you."

"The meditation was a perfect start to the day. Having tried this many times before and failing, this time I realised the benefits of breathing and how easy you can bring it into your life."

"The nutritional talks were extremely educational and Fiona showed and explained so it was very easy to understand and, more importantly, take in and retain."

"The Talks were Brilliant! I learned so much. I couldn't carry on the way I was eating and Fiona's talks have helped me to feel confident that I can go home and eat health-fully."

"The coaching session was wonderful. Annie is very intuitive and helped me to believe that I can have the career I want. I am going home with a definite plan - it's not just pie in the sky anymore."

"Annie was VERY reassuring and VERY educational. I am now able to continue my life not feeling I should be searching for something else - thank you Annie."

"Andrew gives the best massage I've ever had."

"Julie is wonderful - her yoga sessions were absolutely gorgeous."

"The Journey massage with Rachel made my week"
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