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Raw Food

At the end of each detox we provide a delicious Raw Food Feast and show you how to make these simple and incredibly healthy dishes. This provides, not only a great way to re-populate your body with essential enzymes, vitamins and minerals, but an introduction to eating more healthily in the future.

Not everyone is suited to being completely Raw, it might not benefit certain constitutions and lifestyles. However, we can all benefit from increasing the amount of nutritious food we eat and this is one of the best ways to do just that.

What are Raw Foods?

Raw foods are packed with enzymes, vitamins and minerals which are essential to healthy cellular repair and re-generation. Most of the beneficial nutrients in our food are destroyed by cooking so the raw food movement has developed many amazing ways of making food look and taste wonderful without destroying its basic nutritional structure.

What are the benefits of the Raw Food Program?

As you begin to re-nourish, cleanse and rehydrate your body at a cellular level you may notice numerous benefits including:

Increased energy and vitality 
Feeling more grounded and emotionally balanced
Mental clarity 
Brighter eyes, glowing skin
Improved skin and muscle tone
Inner cleanliness
Supple joints and flexible muscles
General sense of balanced well being.

Why are Raw Foods so good for us?

Raw Foods are chlorophyll-rich and enzyme-rich. They include sprouted pulses seeds, juices of all kinds, fruits, vegetables, herbs, salad leaves and nuts and seeds. You can make a large range of delicious foods out of these simple ingredients. 

These enzyme packed foods take the burden off an overloaded system and allow it to recover. The high vitamin content of raw food allows the body to maintain optimum health. Chlorophyll's special action on the blood detoxes and rejuvenates at the same time. This is the most gentle and thorough way to encourage and support natural healing. Raw Foods also includes sprouted grain breads, dehydrator cookies, and nourishing raw soups. We make blends and smoothies using seeds, nuts, and vegetables in many surprising and imaginative ways. 

Cooking foods breaks down the nutrient and enzyme content and can make it hard for the body to find the nutrition it needs. Cooked food is also highly acidic which means that our bodies have to leach minerals from our cells to try and re-balance our PH levels. Raw food is naturally alkalising and doesn't drain our bodies energy and health resources.
Raw Food gives excellent nutrition in a safe and simple way. At the same time it avoids the toxic results of eating chemicalized and processed foods.

Who can benefit from a Raw Food diet

- Those who need more energy
- Those with low resistance to infection
- Those who want to discover how Raw Food can radically affect long term health and day-to-day energy
- Those who have tried short term detox and weight normalisation and would like to achieve these long term
- Those who want to start using Raw Food at home, partially or completely
Lose Weight and Feel Great!

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