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Detox Organic JuicesOur Detox Weeks are designed to ensure that you are given everything you need to improve your overall health and wellbeing. Whether you want to lose weight, improve your energy, look and feel healthier, resolve physical or emotional issues, learn about nutrition, break bad habits or just have a complete rest - we ensure that you will reach your goal. 

We are an experienced and dedicated team who are always on hand to give any, and every, support you might need.

By fasting for 5 days you are allowing your body to take time out from constant digestion so that it can put that energy into cleansing instead. The benefits of this are many and will leave you feeling absolutely incredible. It is a tried and tested formula that brings amazing results.

Your Detox Plus Week - All Included in the price of your cottage.

We provide three, fresh, organic juices a day combined with cleansing supplements (more detail below). We also provide a hot, nourishing green soup in the afternoon and a mineral broth every evening to replace lost minerals and because ....... people love it!

Each cottage is provided with a kit so that you can start your day with skin brushing, oil swishing, lemon juice to cleanse the liver and a selection of delicious herbal teas. We also provide you with epsom salts so that you can take relaxing, cleansing baths to help you detox while you sleep (not in the bath!).

Fiona leads a daily morning meditation which is available for those who want to attend. There is also a daily yoga class in the afternoons specifically designed to complement the detox programme. We lead walks to the nearby Tor and surrounding countryside to stretch legs, enjoy the fresh air and admire the amazing views. Our lovely warm, indoor swimming pool is always available as is the steam room and communal area. There will also be social events such as film nights if you want to join in.

We have a variety of workshops on offer during the week. Annie holds a Life Coaching workshop to help you set goals for what you want to achieve from your week and going forward in your life. Barbara helps you to identify what your mind is up to and how to manage unwanted emotions and thoughts, Fran facilitates two workshops on Addiction and Co-dependency and Fiona gives four Nutrition and Health talks so that you can make informed decisions about what you eat and drink in the future - she also leads discussions about health on all levels - very informative and interesting. We are group led and can facilitate an extra Grief and Loss workshop, a dancing session, games evening or whatever your group needs and wants.

Our therapists are also available for one-to-one sessions which are included as part of the detox but, as with everything on the programme, only if you want them.

Anna and Barbara are available to guide your through an 'emotional detox' enabling you to resolve any emotional issues that might be causing pain or holding you back in your life.

Annie is on hand to give Coaching and Astrology sessions so that you can look at areas of your life that might need some extra attention. She can help you formulate a plan and give you tools to make any necessary changes or simply bring some perspective and clarity. 

Fran is available for addiction and relationship advice and she runs two introductions to the 12 step programme for those who are interested.

Fiona is always on hand to practical and constructive advise on how to improve physical well being and relief from painful health issues and symptoms. She is also there to help with any questions you might have about the colemas or supplements. We provide Colema equipment in every bathroom so that you can give yourself colonics simply and easily when you need them. These, like everything on the programme, are optional.

Anna will prepare a Raw Food Feast on your last day with demos and recipes and lots of information about how to prepare delicious, nutritious meals. Learn how to make raw chocolate and healthy chocolate cake! We will also give you a delicious and wholesome soup in the evening and a healthy breakfast before you go. You will also be given a goody bag with snacks to get you home as well as a three week supply of high quality pro-biotics to re-populate your body with healthy, beneficial bacteria.

Yummy Extras!

Andrew is available to give incredible massages and wonderfully restorative treatments in the lovely Massage Cabin. He can give Indian Head massage as well as Acupuncture, Reflexology and a deep Double Detox Treatment that is specifically designed to aid the detox process. He's an amazing practitioner and always fully booked. Don't miss out!

We also have extra therapists coming in to offer other therapies for you to try such as Journey Massage and Natural Facials using only high quality organic oils.

We offer a range of chemical free, organic toiletries including shampoo, shower gel, soaps, hand and body creams and rich face creams. These are made with healing aromatherapy oils in an aloe vera base so leave your chemical products at home and aid your detox with our lovely, inexpensive, toxic free products. 

We also have recipe books and a range of healthy products for you to buy and if you'd like to - they are things that we think will really help you make some really positive adjustments to your lives.
Lose Weight and Feel Great!

To book your place, call us now on 07813 063 082 or email us.

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