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This Is Your Retreat

Everything we provide is optional, you can take as much, or as little from the programme as you like. We are here simply to provide you with the space and the expertise for you to experience feeling truly rested, fully cleansed and totally supported. Everything we provide is included in the price of your cottage - except for massage.

Whether this is your first Detox or whether you are an old hand at fasting, we'll provide you with a place where you can relax and take time for yourself and the opportunity to try lots of new experiences. We'll help you find the right balance for you.

Timetable for the week

You'll arrive early evening on the Friday so we can give you some soup and settle you into your rooms before the Intro Talk at 7pm which will give you a chance to meet everyone and find out what will be available to you throughout the week. 

We leave various health supporting and health giving items in your cottages which you can use every morning if you feel you want to. Everything you'll need to know about these is in your cottage Information Pack.

On Saturday we start the day with meditation followed by the First Juice. Fiona will show you which supplements to take and explain in what way they enhance the Detox Process She will also explain how detox occurs in the body and will then give the whole group a colema demonstration (don't worry, just a dry run!!). After that, Fiona will come round to each of your cottages to talk through the set up in your bathroom and answer any questions you might have. Also on Saturday Anna or Barbara will meet each of you individually to go through your Health Questionnaires with you to make sure we know what your goals are for the week and to make sure they will be met. 

The Second Juice is at midday followed by a Life Coaching Workshop with Annie which will give you a chance to pin-point areas of your life that you'd like to work on during the week.

There will be a guided walk for those of you who want to get out and explore at 2pm every day. A cleansing green soup will be served at 3pm.

At 4.30 every day the lovely Julie will lead the Yoga class which is specifically designed to aid the detox process.

The next Juice will be at 6pm. Fiona will be on hand at each juice to answer questions and adjust your supplements if needed. After this juice we will either have a workshop, an Inspirational film or some other social time.

At 8pm we will serve a hot and tasty potassium broth which replaces lost minerals and is a warm and comforting end to the day. 

After Broth you can all get together and watch a feature film or just chat and hang out - whatever you feel like doing. Early nights are recommended!

For the rest of the week we follow the same time table except that Barbara and Fran will be leading workshops, Fiona will be giving a daily health and nutritional talk and Fran, Barbara, Anna and Annie will be seeing those of you who want one to one sessions - you'll be given timetables of all your sessions.

The times inbetween will be for you to do your colonics, have a massage, walk, read, sleep, chat, swim, watch a film, explore but, most of all, rest and relax. 

On Thursday Anna and Fran will prepare a wonderfully delicious and nutritious Raw Food Feast. Anna will talk about how you can prepare quick and easy raw food meals. We're not advocating a raw food diet necessarily but the fresh, organic raw food we use to break your fast is enzyme rich as well as being packed with vitamins and minerals to give your bodies a massive nutritional boost.

On Thursday there will be a chance to pop into Glastonbury to stock up at their absolutely incredible health food shop with any supplies you might want to buy to take home with you.

On Friday morning we'll give you a delicious healthy breakfast including nut porridge and a superfood smoothy. We'll also give you goody bags to get you home including probiotics and other supplements to enhance your health as you make the transition back into the world of food! 

We'll also be sending you information to back up everything you've learnt throughout the week. We're also here to support you in going forward if that is what you need - we want you to carry on looking and feeling fantastic!!!
Lose Weight and Feel Great!

To book your place, call us now on 01373 467668 or email us.

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